A day in Adult-hood

Today was the first day of my new job! It's so exciting to see the hours of work put into my education finally paying off. I'm now the proud member of an amazing company and the proud owner of a new title, "Graduate Civil Engineer". I work as an EIT, or Engineer in Training. I earned this certification by taking a very long test and getting a four year degree at an ABET accredited college (hats off to you Texas A&M).

*As a COVID-19 note, Halff requires all employees to wear masks in public areas of the buildings and all the hallways. Masks can only be removed in personal spaces. Hand sanitizer is available to all employees and social distancing rules are applied in and around the office. Most meetings are held virtually, even if the team is all present in the office that day. In addition, many people work remotely full-time or on a scheduled basis, allowing for capacity inside the office to be kept at a minimum.*

Just like school, the first day on the job is "syllabus day". Orientation, meeting the office, and setting up your computer take half the day, then after lunch it's learning programs and reintroducing your brain to all those things you thought you forgot from school. Of course it depends on the culture of the company, but Halff is very accommodating towards new employees and never backs down from a question when asked. One of the main reasons I chose Halff was because of the culture and the work Halff does with their clients and in their community.

Don't let imposter syndrome get to you, just because you're inexperienced and new does not mean that you don't deserve to be there. Sometimes I feel like I should still be interning or learning in school than working a real job, but these thoughts can hinder your self-confidence and ruin your day. Be confident in your abilities and understand that everyone asks questions, makes mistakes, and does something dumb while learning. It's a process that continues long after you start working, even after years of work people still find things that need questions, that's how the world advances and people grow.

Also, just for laughs, I came home and as I was working out I tore a butt muscle, so there's that. If you can't get over imposter syndrome, know that you didn't ruin the butt you have to sit on tomorrow like I did, lol!

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