A Saturday in my Life

I'm not really feeling up to journalling today, to be honest. It hasn't been a particularly hard day or one that's been super crazy. I did get in a run, a walk with my dogs, and a short bike ride with my sister, Abbey. We ate the leftover bacon-cheddar-chive scones with scrambled eggs and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. It was a very productive morning.

After that we kind of just lounged around and chilled. I read some of There, There, a book by Tommy Orange about Native Americans from different points of view. I'm only two chapters in but it's very good so far! I like seeing all of the different perspectives, it brings authenticity and different emotions into the plot. Abbey Jin baked some chocolate chip cookies and they are so good. They're cakey and gooey and very, very addicting!

Grocery shopping is always crazy. We had beer brats for dinner so I needed to pick up some buns and decided to just go shopping for everything else while I was there. I ended up bringing home everything except the buns, go figure! I love Central Market's (a high end brand by HEB) Israeli Couscous but they, once again, did not have it for sale. Instead of mourning, I looked up the ingredients for it online and used a similar recipe to create a replica of it. It actually turned out pretty good and we ate it with our brats for a perfect summer dinner.

To round off the night, we played a family game of Catan. We have the extension, Seafarers, so we like to play Fog Islands. For the second night in a row, I won!! My trick is to focus on bonus points, like development cards and longest road, than just developing the board. If you get the right settlement spots for resources you can really go far without expanding too much.

All in all, it was a pretty successful day, and while not the most interesting of days, it's the kind of day you're grateful for. It's a day filled with relaxation and calm. A day like this gives my brain a break and allows me to really just be in the moment. Nothing too strenuous or hard going on today! No work or school or important decisions to be checked off. It's a day that really makes you appreciate the little things in life because it forces you to slow down and see them. It's not the best day of my life, but it's a day I'd love to repeat over and over again.

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