Always Run Straight Ahead

Running, the strangest sport isn't it?

I enjoying participating in 5ks when they are for a good cause. As a college student, my friends and I liked to sign up together. I've never actually run a 5k though, I've just never been in shape enough. This past weekend, however, I ran my first 5k ever. I didn't get a metal, I didn't even get to participate in an official 5k. Instead I set a goal for myself to achieve and relished the feeling of that achievement. I had a goal of 35 minutes of less, almost 15 minutes better than my last official 5k time. As you can see, I just skirted into my goal! I was so proud of myself, especially since I've never been a good runner. I lack the stamina and the endurance needed for running.

My lack of running skill has really kept me from fully enjoying things like 5ks and often hurts my fitness goals (because I hate cardio of all kinds, I'm definitely more of a 'if it's fun, I like it more' kind of girl) so getting into it seemed like a good choice while I had all this free time. I'm proud to say that my mile time has really improved! My best mile so far is 10'15", way better than anything I've done before!

I'm certainly not done with my fitness journey. My goal is to continue to develop my running skills to increase my endurance, stamina, and VO2 max. I know that running will help me prepare my body for more amazing adventures to come!

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