And Then There Were None...

I just finished And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. I loved it!!! It was a great read and very enthralling. I listened to it on Audible and could not stop.

I've always loved mystery novels. The thrill of figuring out 'who dun it' and getting into the story is a ton of fun.

And Then There Were None starts with 10 different characters coming together at a place called Soldier Island. The mystery starts when, one by one, guests start dying. Throughout the story, the guest try and figure out who the mysterious "Mr. Owens" is and why he invited them are there.

I had a great time listening to this. At first it was a little hard since there are 10 separate main characters, but once it gets going the narrator has great character voices and you can figure out who's who pretty quickly. The characters each have distinctive personalities and have all of their own quirks and characteristics.

Overall, I couldn't put this one down and I had great fun figuring out what happened!

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