Bacon, Cheese, and Chives

Nothing tastes better than homemade treats! Today I made some delicious Bacon-Cheddar-Chive scones from King Arthur Flour ( This was my first time making scones and I have to say, I think they turned out pretty well!

We have an old scone pan that I was able to use. It made it so easy to divide out the batter and made sure that each scone had perfectly browned sides!

I love savory scones. These were buttery, moist, and had delicate flavors of bacon, cheddar, and green onions. We didn't have chives so I just used the green onion tops and it worked out perfectly. The flavors are a good blend and they complement each other without being overpowering.

One of the best parts of these scones is that they make the perfect snack or breakfast. My mom likes these scones better than biscuits because they aren't as dense. They taste great with clotted cream (my favorite) or butter.

Here's a picture of the scones from the side. You can see the melted cheese and lightly browned top and sides. The outer parts of the scones are crisp while the inner parts are soft and chewy, the perfect mix.

I was honestly surprised at how easy it was to make these. I imagined a day long process with lots of chilling time and cooking times. Instead, it was a simple hand-mixed batter that only took 17 minutes to cook (our oven is very fast, typically it should take 22-24 minutes). The trick is cutting the butter into the flour mix and not adding too much cream (or in our case, whole milk). Give these scones a try! They'll definitely be a favorite!

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