Composting: How to help by saving your trash

Sometimes creation is a dirty job, thankfully, creating a compost isn't. I've been composting for about 2 weeks now and it honestly one of the easiest eco-friendly switches I've made.

We use a restaurant, Coolgreens, here is Southlake that works with a company to increase composting in the area. It's super easy! We pick up a compost bucket every other week and drop off our filled bucket at the same time.

Here's a picture of the bucket. It's nothing fancy but it's effective.

Composting helps increase nutrients into the soil, it helps fertilize using natural means that you already have, and it reduces your waste in landfills!

Many people think that composting smells like sewage or is super gross and dirty. In reality, if you're doing it right it shouldn't smell bad at all. My compost typically has a slight decaying fruit smell, but overwhelmingly "soily". Since we use a composting company we actually don't fertilize our own yard with our compost. This eliminates the need for us to interact with our compost.

I really like this way of composting because I'll be able to do it while in an apartment or space that lacks the outdoor area for composting. I feel like composting is something I'll do for the rest of my life.