Earth Day 2020

Happy Earth Day! It's the official 50th Earth Day and we were so excited to celebrate! This year's theme was focused on climate change and mitigating the affect of it. To celebrate Mother Earth and her wonderful creations, my sister and I headed out to Cedar Hill State Park outside of Dallas, Texas to see the wildflowers and go on a nice hike.

Texas recently opened up their state parks again and so we headed on our way to have a nice morning in nature. Breathing in fresh air does wonders for the soul!

In Cedar Hill we went on two short little hikes, the Duck Pond Trail and the Talala Trail. The Duck Pond took us about 45 minutes and is a loop trail while the Talala about 1.5 hours and is an out-and-back trail.

We originally went on the Duck Pond trail in order to see wildflowers but we were unfortunately disappointed. Wildflowers in Texas haven't been as good up in the north this year and the trail was heavily shaded.

We actually accidentally walked Duck Pond twice in search of flowers... round and round expecting a different result, insane right?

Driving to the trialhead for Talala, we had much better luck. The Talala trail is generally uncovered and made for excellent flower viewing. We saw bluebonnets, as pictured above, as well as many other wildflowers. The trail seems to be a loop trail from the internet but when we went the trail was split into two out-and-back trails. There is a scenic outlook to the lake on the West side of the park at the end of each side.

Getting to enjoy nature is a must during these times, and especially on this day. In our house, we try to limit our carbon footprint on this planet by regulating temperatures, recycling, and even composting (I'll make another post all about that later!)! By being environmentally conscious we are making the choice to preserve as much of the environment as we can for future generations to enjoy. From your backyard to the Appalachian mountains to Yosemite, we must be focused on conservation of all types. I believe that humans can learn to coexist with nature without harming it the way we do now. Earth Day is a great time to reaffirm our beliefs about the environment and our will to do our part to decrease our footprints. I'm positive that I'd like to be remembered as someone that cared about our planet, that took steps to minimize her impact, and increased awareness of steps others can take to do the same thing!

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