He is Risen...

Hallelujah! He is Risen! Easter has always been a happy time in my family. While this Easter is a little different from normal, it's still a special time to offer gratitude to those who inspire us.

My sister and I had a blast coloring eggs yesterday night. It's something we do every year and this was no exception. Painting eggs really gets us in the spirit! We always buy those little pre-made egg dye kits, this year we got pastel. I forgot to take a picture of the box, but here it is from Target. Do y'all know about those little plastic wraps that come in these boxes? My sister didn't and she was completely amazed when I told her heat would get the sleeves to fit better and she proceeded to use every single one.

We are hoping to give our neighbor some of them and we can't wait for her to see them!

Easter, of course, wouldn't be complete without Easter mass. While this pandemic is going on, we are watching all of our church services online. Despite this not being the ideal circumstance, getting to dress up and sharing time with my family still made it feel pretty special. This year we decided to partake in the Easter Vigil, a holy night of worship and praise.

After church is always the egg hunt and Easter baskets. We did not have an egg hunt this year, mostly because of everything going on and the fact that my sister and I are now 18 and 22 respectively. Easter baskets, however, have no age limit and we definitely partake in this tradition! When I went over to Spain for a study abroad I fell in love with Kinder Bueno, so of course when it came over to the US (finally!) I've been buying them like an addict!

For our Easter lunch/dinner/meal situation we had an amazing ham from Central Market with green beans (from a can because we ain't chef's over here) and my mom's pears and yams (aka the most amazing holiday side ever). I absolutely love food and this was one of the best quarantine meals we've had so far. Eating is probably my best skill, lol!

Now dessert, oh dessert you beautiful thing. I have a second stomach just for dessert. For this Easter I made a strawberry cake from scratch. We had bought these amazing strawberries from Target on sale so we had to use them! I used a recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction (https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/strawberry-cake/) and added a few extra things. I basically made the cake exactly how she says too but I kept a simple vanilla white frosting and added some lemon extract to it to brighten it up. I also added fresh strawberries in between the two layers to add extra freshness, yum!

Anyways, Happy Easter and keep livin' your life!

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