Letter to Governor Abbott

Getting involved with politics at a local level can create a ripple affect that can change our social structure. One way to let your voice be heard is to share your opinion with policy makers such as mayors and governors.

Governor Abbott's recent decision to rescind the mask mandate and open up businesses and facilities 100% is a polarizing one. I personally do not agree with his decision. As a young, educated professional living in Texas I feel that it is my duty to do my small part for what I believe is right. Below is what I've written to him.

Being able to communicate with your elected officials is one right we all have, and one that is seldom used. I think that this is such a powerful tool that we can use to encourage decision makers to use their power to support the people. Whether you agree with me or not, writing to your elected officials about your opinions is a small step in making your voice heard. One small letter can have a ripple effect. An official receiving several hundred letters is sure to take notice. Eventually, our concerns will have to be addressed and answered.

Each and every one of us has a duty and a privilege to let our voices be heard. If we have to power to use our power we need to take that responsibility for those that don't. Please reach out to Governor Abbott or your own governor about your concerns, on whatever topic matters to you.

Encouraging those around you to also participate starts a chain reaction that can be a force to be reckoned with. Spread the message about being socially and politically aware and active! It's so important, especially at a time like this, that we take every action we can to show our government what we agree and don't agree with, no matter what side of the fence you're on.

To send your opinions to your governor you can go to usa.gov/state-governor . Use your voice to stand for what matters to you!

Update: After reading comments on Facebook and other messages I've received about my point of view I would like to say this: It doesn't matter what side of the fence you're on. All opinions deserve to be heard. While, of course, I wish everyone could see my point of view (who wouldn't want that), every person is entitled to their own opinion. I base mine off of science, my personal background, my learnings from school, and the influences I have in my life (like my parents). Because each person's situation is unique and different, each person will have a different opinion on everything. I hope that by encouraging more people to take action in their local politics we can begin changing the social and political atmosphere of America. Especially as a young professional, I realize that I will be taking over a world that was created by those before me. In order to create a world that I want to live in and that I want future generations to live in I must take a stand for my beliefs and ideals. Each one of us is responsible, as a citizen, to speak out to our elected officials and let them know our thoughts and opinions.

I would never say that I'm always right or that my beliefs are the correct ones. I would hope that each individual will do their own research into the science behind mask wearing and the spread of COVID-19. Everything in my letter is true as I know it to be, backed by science and logical conclusions. If you feel the same, please send a letter to the governor to make sure our voice is heard. However, if you feel differently, send a letter to the governor and explain why you support him or do independent research to find the truth out yourself. Let our government be a reflection of us as a people. If you stay silent you're part of the problem. Make the choice to be part of the solution.

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