Mental Health is Still Health

During these trying times, I think it's important to remember our mental health. It, along with our physical and spiritual health, are what keep us thinking and feeling like ourselves. I'll preface this entire post by saying I'm not a doctor and I don't want anyone to read this and take everything to heart. Everything is just my own experiences and what I see. If you are having trouble with your mental health please seek out a licensed healthcare professional.

I recently had what I'd call a a bout of "mind sickness", which is why I haven't posted in a few days. It occasionally happens where I feel trapped inside my own body. It's not really something I control, just like a physical illness. Instead it feels like I have no mental barriers. Everything I do, say, and think has no filter.

Because of the lack of barriers I get very withdrawn. I don't want people to touch me or talk to me. I want to be alone. I will normally just shut down during times like this. Without my barriers to the outside world, I can't cope with a lot of things that I can normally brush aside. This includes, but is not limited to, casual touches, loud noises, repetitive noises, certain frequencies, and bright light. A lot of these things, and other similar things, set off my senses and my mind can't focus in on anything. I can get headaches and migraines more easily during this time as well.

It's potentially dangerous, I don't really feel like I have any control over when and where it happens so I don't want it to happen if I was, say, driving a car or something. However, there are symptoms of a mental break. For me, these include lack of sleep or a disrupted sleep schedule, headaches, irritation at small things, and an inability to communicate.

I have this thing where I sometimes stutter over my words, my mouth is moving faster than my brain and it has to buffer in order for my brain to catch up. Most of the time I can think far enough in advance that it's not an issue, but during a mind sickness it doesn't always work. I also have a habit of repeating words and phrases and defining obvious things. The second one actually happens all the time. I will say something and my brain immediately leads that I need to define a word or phrase what I've just spoken. Doing this can sometimes get me into trouble. People will often think I'm belittling or patronizing because define something. They think I do it because I don't think they understand, when often times, I can't really help myself.

Through all of this, it normally takes 1-3 days to feel better from a mind sickness, but lingering symptoms can last for a week or more. Have no fear, it's been about 5 days since the start of my last mind sickness and I'm doing much better. I think once quarantine settles down I'll take my own advice and seek out a healthcare professional. I have to live my entire life with my own mind, so I might as well make sure it stays strong and healthy!

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