Mother's Day

Today we celebrated the most amazing woman I know, my mother. Despite the circumstances, we still wanted to give her an amazing day.

A brunch is a great way to start of any occasion. I, myself, love brunch, and we had a really good one! To skip the hours of cooking in the morning, buy it from a store! We bought a Mother's Day Brunch kit from Central Market. It included french toast, quiche, fruit, and a strawberry salad, easiest meal ever (and delicious!)! Since my mom doesn't get out of the house much due to the situation, we took some nice drives around the area and looked at some houses!

Mother's day is a wonderful day to celebrate the strong women that create each new generation, from mothers to grandmothers to sisters and aunts, each mother is celebrated on this day. It's a time to be grateful for the family you have and the relationships you've created.

I'm so grateful for my mother. Being adopted, this family I've found myself in is patched together thanks to two hardworking individuals. My mom has been a rock in the vast ocean of my life. I can't be more grateful for the support and care she's given me over the years and the love she continues to give. Love you mama!

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