Moving Out and Moving On

Yesterday I moved out from my apartment in College Station for the last time. It's kind of scary to have the physical proof that my time in Aggieland is over! My dad and I drove down early yesterday morning and packed everything up and moved it out.

I'm going to admit, packing up all my stuff was a bittersweet moment; I felt like it was the official reminder that college was over. My room looked completely different after we packed everything up!

My room was the accumulation of 2 years of my life, from candles to art to school papers, I had collected and saved so many memories here. It's crazy to see it this empty! I can hardly remember it looking like this when I was moving in for the first time.

While moving out was hard, I already can't wait to move into my first "big girl" apartment and start living the rest of my life!

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