Music, sun, and good company

Thanks to the pandemic, many industries have been hurt, changed, and had to adapt to new situation. For the first time in a long time I took a trip to watch my friend, Faith, perform in her two man group, Neon and Red.

The outdoor area was on a quiet street on Magnolia in Fort Worth, Texas and provided ample shade, social distancing, and free parking! I’d describe the music as soft-alternative-EDM if that makes sense. It was a blend of breathy vocals often found in alternative and pop music mixed with DJ’d beats and instrumentals.

With my Chinese take-out, a friend, and a blanket, I thoroughly enjoyed the time outside with the music. To top everything off, Neon and Red handed out free T-shirts and stickers! Look for local live music gatherings in your area to support local artists and restaurants!

#livemusic #COVID19 #NeonandRed

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