My Favorite Things... About School

Since we are currently in quarantine, here are my five favorite things about college!

1. The People

I've met my lifetime friends at Texas A&M. Being in college has really encouraged me to come out of my shell. I've been blessed to have met so many amazing people and am so grateful for them to all be in our lives. It's crazy to think of all the people I would have missed out on if I hadn't gone to Texas A&M. Creating these relationships are the most impacting parts of college. It's these relationships that have gotten me this far in quarantine without going (too) crazy!

2. The Sports

A&M is all about football. The feelings of togetherness that come from everyone celebrating together is amazing. I love the tradition of the yells, the Aggie War Hymn, and throwing that white towel around. The Aggie Marching Band, the Yell Leaders, and everyone involved creates this atmosphere that just gets to you. Being up in the stands with friends makes the 4 hours on your feet go by in a flash. Go Aggies!

3. The Independence

The feeling you get when you first step into a dorm room is amazing... ok, it's not that great, but the freedom that comes from no longer living under your parents roof really allows you to grow into your own person. I've been fortunate enough to live in the dorms my first year and then apartments for the following three. Being more independent by living on my own (but still with roommates) is awesome. College is all about learning who you are and giving you the space to find yourself.

4. Muster

While football is big, the many traditions of Texas A&M make it what it is. From Muster to Aggie Ring Day, we Aggies sure know how to celebrate! I have my Aggie ring and I've attended the last 3 Musters at Texas A&M. I love the community that comes with these traditions. Aggies all around the world understand these little quirks of other Aggies, giving all of us something special to connect with. My favorite tradition is Muster. It makes me feel good knowing I'll always have people remembering me and the impact I've created on this earth. Muster is such an important time for Aggies, and, while it won't be in person this year, it still stands strong against all tests of time.

5. Complaining about School

As much as it pains me to admit it, I miss complaining about tests and quizzes and homework. I miss cramming for exams the night before and frantically calling friends for help. I even miss the anxious feeling I got right before at test. I miss the breath of relief that follows these times, I miss the camaraderie that comes from complaining with my friends, and I miss being able to be in school to feel all of these feelings. I loved hanging out after a hard exam, celebrating with food and drink, and celebrating our successes (and our failures!). I loved going to our favorite Pho place to cram our faces and cram for the test. I loved the feeling of "getting away with it" when I scored good on something I definitely didn't know as well as I should have. I loved all these feelings, despite how conflicting they are. I wish I could turn back time and do this last semester all over again.

Despite everything, some of the things I learned in school will carry though the rest of my life. While some definitely won't (I'm looking at you Linux), others (like my basic engineering skills) will help me further my goals in life and increase my impact on those around me. I can't wait to see what the next chapter of my life holds!

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