Reimer's Ranch Climbing

I dipped my toes into outdoor climbing this past weekend at Reimer's Ranch outside of Austin.

Last weekend I went out to Reimer's Ranch with some friends to get a climb session in on the limestone. This was probably one of the most spontaneous things I've done! 9AM the morning of the trip I got a text asking if I'd be down to travel out to Dripping Springs, Texas and climb. What else could I say?? 😂

We drove out that night after work and stayed in Austin at a Hilton. I will say that the social distancing the Hilton put in place was very well done. The rooms were sealed after cleaning. All of the soaps, remotes, and handles were cleaned and all of the staff wore masks. I felt very safe spending that one night there and would recommend to stay in a Hilton again!

Saturday is when we went out on the crag. It was crazy busy on the crag this day so we ended up going a little farther out to the Gypsy Wall. In total we climbed 5 routes several times, including Gypsy's Magic, Living on The Edge, and Love Potion No. 9 (and I am loving all the names!). The routes were generally good, with decent footholds and hand holds. Gypsy's Magic was a wonderful little crack climb with great hands! The limestone was definitely cold, especially since the wall face was shaded pretty much the entire day. Some of the holds were a little "pointy and slimy" but it was overall a good wall and not crowded. We basically took over this little area and set up three ropes and had people climbing all day long!

Honestly I had an amazing time. I've got some awesome friends that were able to teach, encourage, and push me to my best, ending with me sending a 5.10b, taking a jump headfirst into lead climbing, and generally living my best life. As my sister would say, it was a serious granola girl moment 🤣.

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