Social Responsibility

Fitting that this should be my first post. COVID-19, or Corona Virus 2019, is currently still running strong in the good old USA. Being socially responsible, especially as a young person, is a fundamental duty we should all be taking seriously.

As a 22 year old I understand the impact that this pandemic has made on our lives. From birthdays to graduations to our senior year, we have lost hundreds of thousands of memories we were supposed to make. I get it, I understand. I will never get to walk across that stage, I will never get to say goodbye. I missed all of my lasts because I wasn't expecting it to end so soon. Every plan, every event, out the window. My last hurrah has ended surrounded by suffering and death. I get it.

But partying, hanging out, and exploring will have to wait. Because I also understand my responsibility, my duty, to show altruism and compassion towards those that need it most. In times like these, I can't only be thinking about what I've lost. My parents are both in the at-risk age range for COVID-19. I don't want to be the one responsible for them getting sick, or for anyone getting sick. I don't know if some just don't understand that, but when you spread this disease, whether you know it or not, you have signed someone's death sentence. You have taken away their life in exchange for a trip to the beach or a party with friends. Do you know how many people one vector can infect? And how many of those die? We are not here right now to have fun and live our best lives. We are here to bunker down to make sure everyone gets to keep their lives.

As young people, many of us may contract COVID-19 and never know it. Asymptomatic people are some of the most dangerous because there is no quick way of knowing if you are sick or not. We must find it within ourselves to stop the spread, to give back by staying back, and to look on at the situation with empathy and compassion. This will not last forever, shops will open, rush hour will start again, and people will start to interact. Life is full of hardships and hard choices, but like always, it's the hard choices that create the most good.

Anyways, be socially responsible and keep livin' your life!

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