What's in a name?

Everyone names their cars right? I named mine Petunia, my sister named hers Harvey, and a friend of mine has an "AJ". That's no different in the van world. Lots of people choose to name their vans based on their appearance or on a whim or a vibe. I chose my van's name like people choose their baby's name.

I think names are important. They define a person, it gives them life and meaning. A name becomes an identity that people mold into their own. I wanted my van to have an identity that reminded me of why I chose them and what purpose they were fulfilling.

My list of names that I've been contemplating is as follows:

Evangeline - Messenger of Good News

Kimani - Sailor, Adventurer

Aislin - Vision, Dream

Alora - My Dream

Ayumu - Walk, Dream, Vision

Damali - Beautiful Vision

As you can tell, they've all got a theme going on. My van will the accumulation of a long time dream and I want to be able to remember that every time I say their name. I've really thought hard about what to name them, I feel like giving the van, the dream, a name will help solidify it's future existence in the world.

After much debate I really liked the name Alora. I think it sounds good with mine, "Amanda and Alora" and I love that it literally means "my dream" because they are. Alora is African in origin and comes from the Bantu language. I love how simple and elegant it is while carrying large expectations and vision into the world. Alora is my baby now, my future vision, it's like getting that first positive on a pregnancy test and being thrilled that you are about to bring something amazing into the world.

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