World Explorer...

But from home! One place I've always wanted to visit is Machu Pichu. While I can't actually go there right now, I had a blast being a "World Explorer" with the Brazos Valley Worldfest.

The goal of the World Explorer event was to get people out and moving amid all of the lock-downs while still connecting people to new and exciting places all over the world. Each walkers goal was to walk at least 100,000 steps in two weeks. I managed to walk 166,233 steps total and visited 22 different places around the world.

I really liked this because it allowed me to have a goal in mind and kept me motivated to exercise and be active. I walked my dogs a lot more during this, did exercise classes such as taekwondo, and increased my general activity throughout the day. The Brazos Valley Worldfest made it super easy to log your steps each day and helped you convert activities such as gardening and biking to step counts. When you completed a site they sent out an email with your picture on it and gave you a ton of info about the place that included history and a 360 tour!

Things like this are great to keep up your motivation during the pandemic and allow you to learn something new! I think that everyday we should strive to learn new things and be a better version of ourselves than we were yesterday. Check out my other photos from some of the sites I "visited" and consider doing challenges like this with your friends and community!

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